Repair Price List

Small punctures $30 each

Large punctures $40 each

Lifting seams/ruffles/appliqué $30-40 each

Tears 1"-3" $50

Tears 3"-5" $65

Tears 5" or longer $80

Zipper replacement $100

Zipper re-gluing $50

Zipper pull replacement $40

Snap/Rivet/Grommet replacement $40-60

Transparent garments add $15


Please note the above price list is to be used a general guideline. We are able to make an estimate based on description, however the final price is subject to change once the garment is inspected in person.

All garments must arrive pre-washed to remove all shiners and talced inside and out. Garments received not washed, still shined and un-talced will be subject to a $50 washing fee.

Please note sometimes used garments, and garments older than 10 years, and chlorinated garments will not always adhere to new latex. This is due to many shines using water-based lubricants, shiners, different manufacturer's sheeting and the chlorination process. Unfortunately, if this occurs, the garment is not repairable. Kirsten Li Designs will try to repair the damage to the best of their abilities but cannot be held responsible if the item cannot be restored.

Repairs are done during low-times, therefore can take more than 4 weeks. Expedited repairs are offered for an additional $40 and can be accomplished within 1 day to 1 week.


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