About KLD

The mission of Kirsten Li Designs is to facilitate a marriage between high fashion and luxury latex. We provide wearable, contemporary latex fashions to all genders. Our product is vegan friendly, all-natural, and all sexy. 


Kirsten Li is a New York based latex designer specializing in bespoke latex apparel and accessories. She achieved her degree in fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. During her time there, she connected with The Baroness, founder of the first woman owned latex design company in North America; who took her on as a protege. Combining her fashion design skills and industry experience with her latex expertise acquired from her apprenticeship, Kirsten launched her own line of bespoke latex apparel and accessories in 2011. 


We specialize in custom latex orders and latex repair services. We also offer workshops and lectures. For all inquiries, please contact us directly.



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