About Kirsten Li

Known for sleek, sexy silhouettes, Kirsten Li pushes the boundaries of latex fashion by providing contemporary, wearable fashions for latex enthusiasts and fashionistas alike. Handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York, Kirsten Li uses only the best imported latex to ensure the highest quality designs.

Kirsten Li Kavovit is the creative expertise behind Kirsten Li.

"When I first discovered latex as a material, back in 2004, I was really intrigued by the challenge to make it drape and imitate regular clothing as much as possible. The fabric itself is so delicate yet strong and sensual - there's nothing else like it."

Kirsten Li currently specializes only in bespoke latex commissions and latex repair services. Workshops and lectures are also available. For all inquiries, please contact us directly

The best part about wearing my designs, is how confident you’ll feel in them.
— Kirsten Kavovit

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